Why does the world try so hard to kill meStrip me of my identity

Make me question who I am

Why does the universe drain me

Leaving my hands cold and broken

Lips chapped and hair bedraggled, wispy

Why do my thoughts attack me

A civil war raging quietly within me

A cancer of the mind, strings of neurones wound into the shape of a noose

I swing and the rope snaps and I plunge deeper into the abyss below

Everything must die, even death’s days are numbered

When all has been taken, that’s when death will ask himself why he brought about his own demise

And when he rejoins us the cycle will begin again 

Beginnings connect to ends connect to beginning again

Why does the world want to crush me beneath all its gravity, it’s massive concepts and questions and judgements, like chains

Rub my skin raw until it is only the bones that remain 

Fragile and yellowing in the morning light