Childhood monsters

I wrote this as a piece of homework (it was never taken in to be marked however.)

The assignment was to write a poem in response to ‘To my Nine year old self’ 

Childhood Monsters. 

Tick tock goes the nursery clock

My tower blocks topple and we laugh

Blades of grass and wasp stings

I cry because we are out of fingerpaint

My little heart races

Tick tock

But someone somewhere is

watching me

I feel their gaze on me from afar

Conspicuously inconspicuous

The burden of a faceless unnamed ghost

Their hands on my shoulders

Around my neck

I’m sorry I’m sorry

What did I do?
They drive with us in the back seat

as me and mum hurtle down streets

I have passed many times before, but do not know

Mum keeps checking the mirrors
They sit with us at the dinner table

Tutting as I drop my fork

Scratching their own across the work surfaces and against the plates
They stand in the corner of my bedroom

As I flick through my picture book

as I gaze out my window at the setting sun

As I lie alone but not alone in the dark

and think I recognise their ghost hands from somewhere…
The next day their grip is a little tighter

Their ghost hands not quite so see through

The nursery clock continues to tick tock

I’m sorry I’m sorry

What did I do?

Childhood monsters

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